Fitting your first Contour Faja Bespoke garment

Fitting your first Contour Faja Bespoke garment

At Contour Fajas we understand that after purchasing your first faja or compression garment people naturally ask how to fit it and how will it feel to use. We wanted to provide our readers with some basic steps on how to put your new faja or garment on, these steps are guidelines only and you will be able to find the best way to fit your item once you get used to it.

First: You need to have a clean dry skin to avoid the faja sticking to the skin while putting it on.

This initial step can be done by either sitting or standing, which ever makes you more comfortable.

Take one leg of the compression girdle and roll it up, like you do with a pair of tights or leggings, be extra careful with sharp nails not to tear it, and gently put your right leg in the right hole, repeat the process with the other leg.

Second: Holding your stage 2 faja from the top of the legs, start to pull it up until it sits comfortably on your thighs. There are different lengths of compression garments, but the process is the same, pull the leg up until the bottom of the faja reaches the thighs, mid thighs, knees, calf or ankle.

Third: Hold your custom faja at the top and start pulling up until it reaches your waist. It is important to ensure the seams for the buttocks are correctly located at the top and bottom of this area.
Fourth: Take the straps of the post-surgery faja and fit over your shoulders adjusting them as required. If your faja has no straps then hold the sides of the faja and pull up until it’s comfortably adjusted to your torso, making sure there are no wrinkles on the compression garment.

Fifth: To start fastening the Colombian compression garment, first pull the sides of the garment closer together then start to fasten each hook and eye from the bottom all the way to the top. Some fajas also have built in bras, for these fajas fasten in the same way but positioning the breasts inside the bra before the last hook and eye is fastened. Once all the hook and eyes are fastened and ensuring your skin out the way you can then zip up your bespoke custom faja.

You should now be comfortably fitted into your bespoke custom faja from Contour Fajas. We hope you enjoy your purchase and your new silhouette! male-faja-fasten