Consultation and measuring service

The initial few days following surgery can be a difficult and often a painful time.  During this period, it is imperative that minimal stress is placed upon the body to prevent additional discomfort and possible harm.

Understanding the importance of this we are now offering consultation and measuring services at various locations worldwide.


Due to the large surgical industries in both these locations this service is free of charge for all our customers there.

One of our Certified Contour Consultants will visit your apartment or recovery house to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. Once selections have been made your consultant will personally record your physical measurements to ensure the ultimate fit of your Faja.

Your Faja will then be made from scratch to your exact measurements. Once ready your consultant will arrange a suitable time to re visit you for the fitting of your garment.

During the first weeks following surgery your body will be subject to dramatic changes. As a consequence, you will either have to buy a new Faja or have your existing one altered. This may need to be done between one and three times.

It is essential for your recovery and to achieve the best results that your Faja fits you correctly, even more so in the beginning stages. As part of our continued service we will alter your Faja up to 3 times for FREE during your stay in Cali, Colombia.

*Please note that the free alteration service is not yet available in Dominican Republic.


Contour Fajas is proud to announce that we now have Certified Contour Consultants working at various locations within the USA.

Our Certified Contour Consultants offer both and in person or virtual consultations to help you order your bespoke made to measure faja with ease.

Our consultation and measuring appointments can take up to one hour and our consultant with discuss in detail your surgical procedures and requirements for your faja. Your consultant will assist you with placing your order and then take your individual measurements required for manufacturing.

We will then manufacture your faja from scratch and ship from our factory in Colombia to your home address.

There is a small consultation fee of $29.99 for this service and we kindly ask that payment is made directly to the consultant upon booking your appointment. Please note the consultation fee is non refundable.


To book and appointment or for further information please complete the contact form below: