Standard, custom or bespoke Faja which is the best option?

Standard, custom or bespoke Faja which is the best option?

Following your chosen cosmetic procedure wearing a Faja is imperative to the healing process as it aids in the reduction of swelling incurred by the surgery.

The Faja is also the main component used in the sculpting of your body and therefore it is essential that due care is taken when choosing your stage two Faja. The Stage 2 faja is transitioned into between 5 and 15 days post op and its recommended use is a minimum of 3 months with most surgeons suggesting 6 months. Using a compression garment for this amount of time will invariably be a major contributor to achieving the best possible results from your surgery.

Undertaking cosmetic surgery requires time, effort and money, none of which most of us can afford to lose or waste. Ultimately you will make sacrifices and most will endure a lengthy healing process. Imagine the disappointment if you went through all of that effort and did not achieve the best possible results simply because you didn’t select the correct Faja!

Our extensive research has indicated that Fajas and body shapers in the standard small, medium and large sizes are often ill fitted, uncomfortable and usually produce less than satisfactory results.

There are many companies that claim their Fajas and body shapers are “custom”. This simply means an already constructed garment is altered using very minimal measurements. Although this may be slightly better than the basic standard sizes it usually doesn’t offer the wearer anything other than a basic garment with minor alterations.

At Contour Fajas we understand this is a crucial decision and therefore offer a bespoke tailor made service to suite individual and very often, different needs. We believe everybody is unique therefore a strong emphasis is placed upon our clients receiving the best possible made to measure apparel.

All our Fajas are “bespoke” which in essence means each item is handmade and individually constructed using essential measurements in conjunction with our scientific, physical mathematical model. As well as a perfect fit this ensures the level of compression is exact in the required areas.

Only the best quality Power net material is used and every faja is lined with soft lycra which gives comfort whilst allowing unrestricted movement.  This is a real benefit as the garment is often worn for up to 23 hours a day.

Those living in or visiting warmer climates will find the level of comfort our apparel offers is arguably more superior than the latex equivalent as it allows the skin to breath and minimalizes sweating which is often a down side with latex.

Our aim is to assist our clients in meeting their needs and objectives, whilst offering high quality garments at a reasonable price.  Our Fajas  are usually constructed and shipped in 7 to 10 labor days of orders being placed ensuring minimal delay in delivery to our clients.

We are extremely proud of our products and truly believe our service is unique.

Purchase a Faja as unique as you are!


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