Stage 2 Compression Bundle: Option 1 (Full body mid thigh faja)

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The Ultimate in body contouring!

Included within our Stage 2 compression bundle is the necessary items needed during Stage 2 of your recovery to help you get the best possible results from your surgery. Each item has been specifically designed to help reduce inflammation and contour the body during your recovery.

Get the best possible results from your surgery by using the best possible post-operative products.

Stage 2 Full body mid thigh faja

Made from the finest powernet and lined with soft lycra for added comfort, this Stage 2 Faja is perfect for a multitude of procedures including – Breast Augmentation, 360 Liposuction, Liposuction to the Abdomen and Flanks, Tummy Tucks and Brazilian Butt Lifts.

The faja is designed to provide high compression and will reduce swelling and contour the body following surgical procedures. The buttocks area is lined with soft lycra and designed to lift and shape newly placed fat cells without compressing them. A must for Brazilian Butt Lift Patients.

This design has a built-in bra which is perfect for breast augmentation procedures but also for added comfort which is key in the recovery period after surgery.

Wrap Around Lipo Foam

This must have accessory is fitted inside the faja to provide equal and adequate compression to the torso.

The compression reduces swelling and helps prevent the build up of fluid. The wrap around lipo foam also helps the skin to reattach to the muscle after a liposuction procedure.

Stage 2 Abdominal Board

Specifically designed to fit any abdomen and using new Lipo-Foam Technology this Stage 2 Abdominal Board provides the best possible compression after both liposuction or tummy tuck procedures. The Stage 2 Abdominal Board has a thin built in foam enabling it to be almost invisible inside the faja whilst still helping to flatten the abdomen.

The Abdominal Board can be used either on top of the Wrap Around Lipo Foam or simply on its own inside the faja later into the recovery process.

The Abdominal Board is used to help reattach the skin to the muscle, reduce swelling and prevent indentations from the faja.


We recommend ordering the Stage 1 Faja based on your current hip measurement and including your waist and height in the order notes so this can be adjusted for you if required. The hip measurement is taken around the body at the widest part of the buttocks. If your measurement is at the top end of the size please order the next size up.


Step 1

Place the tape measure around your body, just below the bust. Squeeze well but without taking your breath away and write down that measure. If it is not accurate, round to the nearest inch. Find your size according to the table 1.

Step 2

Now place the tape measure around your bust in the upper back and the highest point of your breast. Now subtract this measure from the measurement in step 1. The difference in inches is the size of the suggested cup. If the difference is between sizes, according to the table 2, round down.


Contour/Sizes XXS XS S M L XL XXL
Cintura (cm) 61 - 67,5 68 - 74,5 75 - 81,5 82 - 88,5 89 - 95,5 96 - 102,5 103 - 109,5
Waist (inch) 24 - 26,6 26,7 - 29,3 29,5 - 32,1 32,3 - 34,8 35 - 37,6 37,8 - 40,3 40,5 - 43,1