Braless full body above knee faja with hook closure



Genital Closure * 

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This faja has dual appeal.

This is the ideal liposuction/post surgical compression garment required to assist you during your recovery process. It can also be worn as an everyday shaper or as a postpartum girdle. Our premium quality Power net material is used meaning this Fajas give the best possible fit whilst allowing unrestricted movement.

  • Exclusively designed to provide support for the body or to the specific surgical area, helping heal the muscles and tissues during the recovery period.
  • Helps support the back and posture by keeping every part of the body firmly in place.  Also reduces the pain of scars.
  • This stage 2 compression fajas help reduce swelling, flatten the abdomen and shape the figure post-surgery.
  • The elastic and Powernet is combined with an additional inner surface which is lined in soft Lycra to give ultimate smoothness and comfort.
  • Waist and Hip shape are defined giving the wearer an enhanced effect. This will noticeably accentuate your curves.
  • Soft Lycra is used to contour the buttocks, improve lift and shape without compression; this is an extremely important requirement for any Brazilian butt lift patient.
  • Flat seams are used to ensure non-visibility under garments. This undoubtedly wiil give you more options in the clothes you choose to wear whilst still achieving maximum benefits, making it perfect for everyday wear!
  • The front hooks closure allows the customer to alter the size of the garment as swelling or weight reduces.
  • Options available on this faja are colour and genital closure.



We recommend ordering the Stage 1 Faja based on your current hip measurement and including your waist and height in the order notes so this can be adjusted for you if required. The hip measurement is taken around the body at the widest part of the buttocks. If your measurement is at the top end of the size please order the next size up.


Step 1

Place the tape measure around your body, just below the bust. Squeeze well but without taking your breath away and write down that measure. If it is not accurate, round to the nearest inch. Find your size according to the table 1.

Step 2

Now place the tape measure around your bust in the upper back and the highest point of your breast. Now subtract this measure from the measurement in step 1. The difference in inches is the size of the suggested cup. If the difference is between sizes, according to the table 2, round down.


Contour/Sizes XXS XS S M L XL XXL
Cintura (cm) 61 - 67,5 68 - 74,5 75 - 81,5 82 - 88,5 89 - 95,5 96 - 102,5 103 - 109,5
Waist (inch) 24 - 26,6 26,7 - 29,3 29,5 - 32,1 32,3 - 34,8 35 - 37,6 37,8 - 40,3 40,5 - 43,1

To ensure that your bespoke custom faja will fit your body perfectly it is important that your measurements are taken accurately. Please take the relevant measurements required for your garment using a tape measure and following the instructions on the diagram below. We have also included a short video to show how the measurements are taken on our models.


1. Contour above the bust or chest
For a correct measure of this contour, you must raise your arms to locate the tape measure up high above your bust or chest, then lower your arms and write the measurement.

2. Contour under the bust or chest
Take this contour just in the line where your bust/chest begin, and 2a. Then follow with the distance from this point to the floor.

3. Diagonal bust measurement
Distance from the base of the neck, in the shoulder, to the line under the bust/chest. This is a diagonal measurement.

4. Neck to under bust straight measurement
Distance from the gap between the clavicles, in the base of the neck, to the line under the bust/chest.

5. Shoulder measurment
Distance from the base of the neck, in the shoulder, to the end of the shoulder.

6. Contour of the armpit
Following around the shoulder.

7. Contour of the arm at the sleeve location
Contour of the location you want your sleeves to be and 7A. the distance from the shoulder to that point.

8. Length from the shoulder to the wrist.

9. Sleeve measurements
For a ¾ or long sleeve to the wrist, you must take the following contours: 9A. At the top of your arm, 9B. Above elbow, 9C. Under elbow and 9D. The length you want between the elbow and the wrist, 9E. Length from should to 9A contour, 9F. Length from shoulder to 9B contour, 9G. Length from shoulder to 9C contour.

10. Waist contour
The correct position of our waist is in the iliac crest bone, where our leg begins. 10A. You must take this contour and the distance from this point to the floor.

11. Middle hip contour
Contour of the middle hip and 11A. The distance from this point to the floor.

12. Hip contour
The widest part of the hip if you watch yourself in a mirror and 12A. The distance from this point to the floor.

13. Groin contour left and 13A. Groin contour right
The distance from the groin to the floor.

14. Short contour
Contour of the length location where you want your faja to end and 14A. The distance from the groin to the short contour.

15. Mid thigh contour
Take the contour of the mid-thigh and 15A. Distance from the groin to the mid thigh contour.

16. Above the knee contour
Take the contour above your knee and 16A. Distance from the groin to the above the knee contour.

17. Under the knee contour
Take the contour under your knee and 17A. Distance from the groin to the under the knee contour.

18. 3/4 or full length contour
Take the contour at 3/4 or the full length and 18A. Distance from the groin to the 3/4 or full length contour.